We need your help to directly fund the needs of abused, neglected, and abandoned children!

Your donations are specifically earmarked for direct assistance to the special needs of the children we serve. The Board of Directors has created a special fund for these monies called The Brandon Fund, named in honor of its first donor.

What is the Brandon Fund?

In late 2005, Child Guardian’s, Inc. received a donation that was specifically earmarked for “directly helping the children”. In 2006, the Board of Directors created a special fund for these monies, and any future monies, that were collected or donated with the intention of going directly to help the abused and neglected children and youth served in the program. This fund is called the Brandon Fund, named in honor of our first donor.

In our ongoing efforts to enhance the experience of the volunteers and professional staff while making it possible for them to directly affect the lives of the children they serve, the Child Guardians Board of Directors makes the Brandon funds available where designated personnel can request monetary assistance to help address their children’s “special circumstance” needs.

What types of activities will the Child Guardians Board approve for funding?

Brandon funds are used to meet critical needs and provide a safety net for children and youth. Funds are dedicated to four areas as follows:

  1. basic needs (including medical and dental needs)
  2. activities that remove barriers to achievement,
  3. activities that promote self-esteem, and
  4. activities that will improve the environment in which children live.

Examples of how the funds are used include the following: school clothing, graduation costs, remodeling of a home to bring a room up to adoption standards, summer camps, band and dance lessons, a tuxedo rental for a young man to attend his prom, necessities to help a family start a new home with a child, a clarinet to play in the school band, gas money so a youth could visit her mother in another county, football uniforms, and a summer family pool pass. Any need specific to a child/youth receiving services from one of our partner agencies.



BY CHECK: Mail checks made payable to:
Child Guardians, Inc.
Brandon Fund
P.O. Box 9526
Pensacola, FL 32513

BY CREDIT CARD via PayPal (No PayPal account required.)

Through Network for Good

Network for Good verifies the status of non-profits via Guidestar and the IRS.  Visit their web site, search for Child Guardians, Inc. in Pensacola, Fl., and choose the donate button.

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Good 360 was created in 1983 to help companies efficiently donate slow-moving, obsolete and seasonal inventory to charitable organizations. Child Guardians, Inc. has partnered with Good 360 to collect monetary and product donations.

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