Planning for College and Your Future if You’re in the Dependency System

As the new year approaches, it is a time for planning for the future. Foster kids in Florida age out of most services at age 18, but there is a lot of help for them to go to college even up until age 28.  That includes kids in foster care, a group home, or a relative or non-relative placement.

These Florida teens can get free tuition to Florida colleges, universities, and vocational schools. Here is a link about the free tuition at Florida schools:


Additionally, if a child is in foster care (or an unaccompanied minor) at anytime following their 13th birthday, then they automatically qualify for Federal Student Aid until age 21 and don’t have to use parental information on the application. Students need to fill out a FAFSA which is the federal form for aid. Here is more information on the FAFSA:

https://depts.washington.edu/fostered/fafsa-faq https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa

Florida foster care kids are also eligible for FFAA assistance at a Florida state university, community college, or vocational school up until age 28. Here is the link to the application.


Kids must do a little work determining how they will transition from being in foster care to being an adult on their own. Here is a child welfare youth transition kit to help them plan the change!